DB-Net offers the integration of legacy code with new .NET applications, and affordable demos, consulting, training and support are available. Our tools are customized to handle customer's unique problems and then handed off to our customers. At this point migration is as simple as drag and drop. All necessary export and import tools are included.

DB-Net offers migration and modernization with onsite consulting on the best way to migrate and modernize your legacy COBOL and much more. With specialties in Micro Focus, AcuCOBOL, or IBM COBOL conversions to Fujitsu COBOL for .NET and COBOL modernization and analyzing from all platforms. As well we offer Data and Database migration and analyzing tools from any legacy database. We create C# code from a database table and a table from C# code. Conversion of batch jobs and JCL to C# code, conversion of all types of forms and screen I/O to Win and Web Forms and converting displays and accepts to Win and Web Forms is an option we offer. We migrate COBOL programs to Web Services, and your program DLLs can be stored as an image in a SQL database and loaded to run from anywhere.

Pricing is based on tools provided along with modifications, training and support that is required.