DB-Net, Inc. was established in 1989 as DB-Net Computer Group® and incorporated in 1995 as DB-Net, Inc. DB-Net's staff has specialized in Legacy System migrations since 1984. In 1997 we started migrating customers to Windows and in 2000 we started developing our .NET tools. We not only automatically convert COBOL to .NET but we also convert several languages to C#. We have totally automated tools to extract data, create tables and load the data directly into MS SQL Server. Developing and debugging in Visual Studio will save your Company countless hours. Contact us for more information.

You have twelve years of development in your legacy software.

You have one year of hardware support left.

What do you do? Call DB-Net for the solution.

You have twelve steel spheres.

One of the twelve spheres is either lighter or heavier than the others.

You must determine which sphere is different and whether it is lighter or heavier.

You have one balancing scale.

Each side will hold a maximum of four spheres.

You have three weightings to solve the problem.

What do you do? Call DB-Net for a clue!